Interview with Professional Painter, David Lim

Admin – Hi David, good day to you. Understand that you are one of Singapore’s leading painter be it painting houses or painting condos. Can you share with us your experience in painting houses in Singapore?

David – Yes today I will share with you the most ridiculous and my best experience in painting.

David (on Best experience) – From my experience, most houses owners expect cheap labour and quality paint at ridiculously low prices. There was once I met an owner with no budgets restrains and would be happy to help us get food for lunch. More importantly, they trusted us with their house and were not lingering around to monitor our progress. This makes the job easier and we could finish the job without much hindrances.

Admin – Nice to know that, David. Would you elaborate more on painting for houses with mean and petty owners?

David – More recently, I have this project worth more than 20k for 5,000sqft project. The owner required us to be escorted throughout the property. The main point being, the property was empty and there was nothing in place. When we were painting on the exterior, the poor escorting officer was perspiring like mad- you know the weather in Singapore. His nice jacket was soaked in perspiration, and I swore when I finished, his skin tone darken by at least 2tones!

Admin – That must be crazy! How many times per year do you encounter such owners?

David – Such owners are, luckily, a handful throughout my professional career as a painter. Owners are more likely to trust us with their apartment as we areĀ  not undocumented aliens who came Singapore to “strike it rich”. We are local Singaporeans who understood each other and we made it a point to be trustworthy to home owners. Thankfully, most were nice and if they require us to be under the sun, ice cold drinks will be served to us to ensure that we do not suffer from heat injuries.

Admin – Speaking of heat related injuries, does your company manage it well or do you guys just, you know, being in a accident prone situation?

David – Thankfully for Cyrus, our safety is our companies primary concerns. Some projects with insufficient safety equipment will be reported accordingly to authorities for the welfare of workers. For Cyrus, he is not afraid to piss off clients to ensure our safety. I guess that is why he managed to achieve 20 years of accident free years.

Admin – Guess Cyrus really takes care of you guys!

David – You bet. He provides higher than market rate salary to retain talents, and will not hesitate to fire problematic staffs. More recently, we had a worker who AWOL’d(absent without official leave) on a work day, hence leaving me and Cyrus to attend to a HDB painting project. Thankfully, he is experienced with hands on painting as compared to most bosses who are just sitting behind reports and counting cash.